How to motivate customers for more sales

Posted on 28 Feb 05:00 am

If you are looking for ways to motivate your customers to buy more from you, you are reading the right article. The main secret is hidden behind creating brand loyalty, which can be identified as customer experience improvement and increase of trust.


The Don’ts of Customer Self-Service on Desk Support Center

Posted on 24 Jan 08:00 pm

A sufficient and up-to-date customer self-service like Desk support center is always less workload for the support team. Its important role in business cannot be overemphasized, therefore it is very vital you avoid some expensive mistakes. 


How Will Your Website Win from Knowledge Base and Forum?

Posted on 30 Dec 11:00 am

If you are planning to add a knowledge base to your website with the help of your employees, support center might help you with many different aspects and provide pre-set features!


Vital Points to Note before Setting Up Your Community on Desk Support Center

Posted on 23 Dec 11:00 am

The purpose of setting up any community is to get the members engaged with the right discussion about the particular topic. The same applies to setting up a community forum on Desk support center, in which your purpose should be to fully engage your target audience. Getting your community well engaged does not come easy; there are certain things you need to consider.


Desk Support Center and Available Plans

Posted on 22 Dec 12:04 am

Since its establishment, has served as an invaluable tool that improves customer relationship and support services in every business. Due to the usefulness of Desk support center, we made a comprehensive list of prices for each plan.


Real Honest Review of Desk Support Center

Posted on 14 Dec 11:06 pm

Desk support center’s model was built to meet the ever-changing needs of smaller businesses and to ensure its smooth running as well as its affordability.


Top Five Support Center Apps for Your Business

Posted on 30 Nov 06:00 pm support center provides a wide range of applications on different platforms. In this article we will talk about the most beneficial apps to enhance your business.


Effective Ways to Direct Traffic to Your Knowledge Base and Forum

Posted on 25 Nov 10:00 pm

If your knowledge base and customer support work efficiently, they create a win-win situation for both – you and your customer. When self-service options are visible and easily accessible, the customers are happy to find answers to basic questions promptly. As a result, their satisfaction level increases! 


What’s Hidden behind a Professional Look of Desk Support Center

Posted on 17 Nov 10:03 pm

The very first thing you encounter when you begin to work with Desk support center is a solid, reliable website architecture. It creates a strong foundation for positive results. Functionality is just one side of the coin which is certainly important, however the professional vibe that your support pages portray creates a long-lasting impression about the whole website.

5 Essential Hints for Support Center LiveChat Solutions

Posted on 3 Nov 06:19 pm

One of the most essential elements of helpdesks like support center is live chat. This is particularly important when you are trying to convince your customers to pay for your services while surfing your site. The faster the answers given to the customer, the higher chances are that they will make a purchase. This means customers should be assisted immediately without doing any extra moves, like leaving the site or receiving a call.