5 Essential Hints for Desk.com Support Center LiveChat Solutions

Posted on 3 Nov 06:19 pm


One of the most essential elements of helpdesks like Desk.com support center is live chat. This is particularly important when you are trying to convince your customers to pay for your services while surfing your site. The faster the answers given to the customer, the higher chances are that they will make a purchase. This means customers should be assisted immediately without doing any extra moves, like leaving the site or receiving a call.

Furthermore, according to a Forrester Research study, 44% of people find live chat support an important element of the website.

Let’s have a look at five simple ways how you can improve live chat support for your Desk.com support center.

Chat Operators Should Have the Right Communication Skills

Even though your customers will never hear the tone of voice of your live chat operator, it doesn’t mean that language skills are insignificant. Level of their written communication should be highly effective even though usually there are no requirements for perfect grammar in an online chat. What’s most important is a friendly and professional sounded text without too many shortcuts that are common in social media and phone texting environments.

Each point of contact should be personalized

Despite the fact that chat staff usually have protocols to follow, still, they should use customer names. It’s highly appreciated when chat representative does not only stick to the standards, but also lively engages in communication, gives valuable recommendations related to the topic, comments and provides information in a friendly manner. Just keep in mind that customers want to speak to a real person when they reach live chats in Desk.com support center therefore it’s important to avoid robotic responses.

Develop standards, procedures and priorities for support staff

Setting right procedures, standards and priorities can predetermine the effectiveness of your staff. They should also know how to prioritize the queries, how to handle several chat windows and so on. There should also be equality so that no one was overwhelmed with inquiries. If someone needs help, others should overtake the task without ignoring their customers. No ignorance is allowed when there’s an urgent task to finish.  

Scripts are as important as improvisation

You should create scripts as guides for friendly greeting and support. Your staff should know where and how to provide the legal compliance or vital information. At the same time, they should have certain freedom to vary their conversations in order to interact genuinely like real people.

Staff should know how to handle all kind of issues effectively

Finally, you should ensure that your staff knows how to handle all common and uncommon requests. They should be trained properly in order to provide an immediate solution to the most common queries.  The aim of each interaction with a customer should result in complete customer satisfaction which in turn will create a positive image for your brand afterwards.

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