Tips for Creating Customer Comfort in Your Customer Center

Posted on 16 May 07:20 pm

With the extensive competition out there, are you really setting your business apart from the rest with your support center? Here are some easy tips that can help you create customer comfort in your customer portal and retain your customers while boosting your brand image.

1. Complete Integration Of The Support Center With Your Site

Your support center may have the best information in the world, but you're going to put your customers off if your customer portal looks like it belongs to some other company. Even if you choose to use third party templates for your support center, the best way in which you can boost customer trust is by carefully integrating it with your main site. This involves using your brand colors, font and logo on every single page of your customer portal and not just the main page alone. When your support center is well-branded, your customers are less confused when using your site, and they tend to trust the information you give them - especially in this day and age when the cyber crime is at its peak!

2. Make Your Pages And Functions User-Friendly

The great part about is that it comes with many functions and designs that are perfectly ready to use. While you may be tempted to use these functions exactly as they are or with just a few tweaks, this may not work out for you well in the long run. You need to make your pages and functions easy for your specific customer base, and this implies that you customize each page and integrate it well so that you give your customers the help they are looking for, without them having to search high and low for it. There are several layouts and tools that you can use to make your support center more flawless, and to give your customers a seamless experience.

3. Make It Mobile-Friendly

A growing number of people prefer to use the Internet on their mobile devices. With this being the case, you need to make your customer portal perfectly compatible with mobile devices. If your pages are not responsive across devices, your customers are going to find it quite hard to access the information they need, and will more likely move on to your competitors to get the job done. So irrespective of the level at which your portal will service customers, keep it mobile-friendly with a responsive template if you want to benefit your business.

4. Focus On Content

Most people prefer to resolve their problems or get answers to queries themselves, rather than waiting in queue to speak to a service representative. With this in mind, keep your support center's content to the point, informative and of high quality. Structure your content well so that your customers can find it easily, use search tools, link relevant material and categorize your content well so that it is easy to find and read.

5. Boost Your Staff Response Time

In the event that your customer do need to reach support staff, ensure that your response time is quite quick and that your customers can keep track of their query or ticket easily. This will help retain customer loyalty and reduce the risk of bad publicity for your business.

The way in which you use your support center can either enhance your customer experience or detract from it. Use templates from Desk Themes HQ, and boost engagement with customers, improve conversion rates and get a better brand reputation. Create a gorgeous customer portal easier than every, and cushions your customers' experience while increasing retention and brand loyalty.

It's time to get your ideal support portal!

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