Desk Support Center and Available Plans

Posted on 22 Dec 12:04 am


Since its establishment, has served as an invaluable tool that improves customer relationship and support services in every business. Due to the usefulness of Desk support center, we made a comprehensive list of prices for each plan.

Each plan comes with its own price and unique features designed in a way to suit and improve your business.


$20 per agent per month, charged annually (USD).

$25 per agent, charged on a monthly basis (USD).’s Standard plan covers all-in-one customer support and is specifically meant for start-ups and small-scale businesses.

It provides social media integration and unlimited email support. With the Standard plan comes social media integration, such as Facebook and Twitter. You can easily turn your tweets, private messages and posts into tickets on the Desk support center. These tools make it very easy to build a basic knowledge base for all your customers to access. The essence of this is to answer certain questions your customers might have, thereby encouraging customer self-service.

As stated earlier, the Standard plan is specifically meant for small businesses and start-ups; therefore, if you seek more features then you can check out the Pro plan.

The Pro

$60 per agent per month, charged annually (USD).

$75 per agent, charged on a monthly basis (USD).

Desk support center is very flexible and gives the user more control over certain features. The Pro plan suits medium-sized businesses.

It includes the features of the Standard plan and other additional features. It supports 50+ languages and is suitable for multiple brands. You can choose any of the telecom providers and bring them to the Desk support center. It also supports automatic surveys and you are able to code the changes you want in the system. In other words, the Pro plan gives you some freedom and control over the system functionalities. The report and data capabilities are superb and will give you clear insight into what you need.

Your business deserves the best; therefore, if the features you need are not part of the Pro plan then you should check out the Business Plus plan on

Business Plus

$100 per agent per month, charged annually (USD).

$125 per agent, charged on a monthly basis (USD).

The Business Plus plan is perfect for large-scale businesses, especially those that receive a huge volume of requests from all over the world.

The plan comes with all the features of the Pro plan, as mentioned earlier, and the following additional features:

  • Advanced integrations and workflow to bring any application right inside the agent console for complete customization and scalability
  • Custom interactive dashboards to build a snapshot for full visibility of everything happening with support, custom agent roles and permissions and your customer health monitor

The Business Plus plan, Pro plan and Standard plan on Desk support center all help you to offer a unique and quality service to your customers.

It's time to get your ideal support portal!

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