Effective Ways to Direct Traffic to Your Desk.com Knowledge Base and Forum

Posted on 25 Nov 10:00 pm


If your Desk.com knowledge base and customer support work efficiently, they create a win-win situation for both – you and your customer. When self-service options are visible and easily accessible, the customers are happy to find answers to basic questions promptly. As a result, their satisfaction level increases! As you can imagine yourself, no one likes waiting while their basic issues are being solved on the phone or by email.

Furthermore, a friendly forum community as well as healthy, updated knowledge base on your Desk.com support center will offload the live chats and service agents. This way your staff will be able to focus on resolving more complex issues.

Responding to Tickets via Your Knowledge Base on Desk.com Support Center

Create hints that will drive users to your knowledge base to find answers to their questions. Another effective way is adding links to responses for the tickets and relevant pages. However, it’s important to remember that simple “copy-paste” of the link will not be the friendliest support service. Just keep the possibility of providing the link for the additional information in mind. Combination of both personal touches with extensive and resourceful response with relevant links to the knowledge base on your Desk.com support center will make your customer support staff stand out as the best to your users.

Making Announcements about New Forum Articles

Inform you customers when new resourceful forum posts or knowledge base articles are published on your Desk.com support center. Include links to social media posts or email newsletters. New interesting and helpful content can motivate people to return to your website.

Adding a list of 'Related Articles' Is a Smart Idea

Incorporating a list of ‘Related Articles’ to the article page of your Desk.com support center will help users solve the problem faster on their own. Perhaps the answer is simple enough, but the user couldn’t just find the relevant article quickly. Furthermore, you staff will thank you for decreasing the number of regular questions and users will be grateful for giving them a chance to answer their questions in seconds. This will also increase numbers of visits to the forum and knowledge base.

Interconnect profiles and pages with links

Distribute links from forums pages and knowledge base articles throughout your website content in order to make them interconnected. It will be also a great idea to incorporate links to your social media pages, posts and profiles, blog posts as well as your main website pages.

Also, if you promote your forum along with Desk.com support center knowledge base, you need to ensure that they are always up-to-date and consistently have relevant information. Otherwise, negative impression is guaranteed. Also, remember, that those people who search for answer and find none or not good enough are less likely to return.

It's time to get your ideal support portal!

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