How Will Your Website Win from Knowledge Base and Forum?

Posted on 30 Dec 11:00 am



If you are planning to add a knowledge base to your website with the help of your employees, support center might help you with many different aspects and provide pre-set features!

What necessity hides behind the knowledge base and community?

In fact, both the knowledge base and community are needed to anticipate a customer’s questions and create a solution that can answer the most frequent questions efficiently and quickly without using your staff.

For instance, a customer is looking for information on troubleshooting and how your product and services can be used and helpful. If your site has the answers to this and they are structured in clear and beautiful articles, then the customer will be satisfied and will not bother your customer service agents.

As a result, having a good knowledge base will save you money and make customers happy without making your staff busy. 

Important hints to follow on support center

Structuring the content on support center is the number one thing to do if you don’t want your customers to get confused.

  • Categories divided into your customers’ common topics of interest would be the simplest way of structuring them. Your support center analysis along with your data on the tickets initiated by users will identify the most popular topics.
  • If you have some overlapping of information, simply interlink the topics together.
  • Depending on the professional language and norms in your industry, name the categories appropriately.

Frequent content updates are number two thing to be done on your support center.

  • If you control the tickets raised by your customers, they will help you realize if your information on any topic is insufficient or not helpful enough. There might be the case that certain categories were missed out completely.
  • By changing the order of the articles to ensure that the most popular go on top of the others you will help users navigate quicker.
  • Another advanced thing to do for your support center is ask for the feedback of your customers, asking them to suggest any topics they would like to learn more about.
  • Allowing votes for the articles and videos depending on their helpfulness is another great idea.

Extra tips for increasing efficiency of your support center

Clear and concise content is what you should be aiming for. By the end of the day, you want to make you users’ life easier. Make it easier for people to navigate through the content and find what they are looking for. You can also insert links to the main website’s content that will lead to the relevant knowledge base categories. And, eventually, it’s worth checking the knowledge bases and forums of your direct competitors.

If you find any of these hints useful, go ahead and apply them to your support center. Our blog can also provide some extra information to you. Another option is trying one of our premium templates that can practically improve your business a lot if you implement them.

It's time to get your ideal support portal!

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