Is a Good Product for Web Startups?

Posted on 6 Jun 12:16 am

In your journey to create a new website for your startup, you've no doubt heard about a proprietary software named, that streamlines customer service and help services for Web-based businesses. Want to know more about This overview will help you understand it a bit more and see how it can benefit your business.

What Does

Being a top-notch support portal, streamlines all of your customer service communications and helps your support staff respond to queries more efficiently and quickly. It includes an interactive customer portal that gives your customers a self-help portal and an online community to resolve issues easily. Additionally,'s analytical tools are perfect for any startup that aims at improving customer service standards with constant monitoring.

Why Opt For

Customer communication can take place in different forms such as a simple tweet, an email, live chat message or a phone call, each of which may initiate the customer service cycle. takes all these communications and streamlines them so that they are easily accessible, thereby helping your agents resolve issues faster and giving your company a great reputation right from the start. marks off correspondence that needs quick attention so that your support agents can work on many tickets at the same time and avoid backlogs that are common with many startups. Additionally, comes with brilliant resources and information to help your staff resolve problems without needless research and built in collaboration tools make teamwork easy, such as when a ticket or question has to be referred to another department. Your reputation will go up exponentially with's voice and online messaging platforms as well as simple live chat, as well as tracking analytics that helps you proactively resolve issues. User Base

Huge companies such as Roku, Xerox, and Disney are some of's customers. Content management provider Box' spokesperson, Ryan Riddle, says that's analytical tools have helped the company's support team streamline their workflow. Similarly, David Desinger, spokesperson for L'Oreal, states that their support team has been able to provide excellent customer service with this support portal's easy ticket management system.

Maximizing's Features Even More

Your startup website can optimize the support center even more, and here is how you can do this:

1. Drive customer traffic to your customer portal with efficient social networking and marketing.

2. Monitor performance of your staff regularly for proactive and effective participation and reduced resolution times.

3.  Use one of our many themes from to make your support center look even more user-friendly and attractive, drawing customers to your business.'s simple messaging platforms and seamless customer support center can help your Web startup reach great heights from its inception. The tools that come with this support center give you everything you could possible need to provide the best possible customer service and analyze your progress so that your team continues to provide the same outstanding service levels.

It's time to get your ideal support portal!

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