Practical ways of creating 24/7 Self-Service Support Center

Posted on 27 Oct 03:39 pm


Unarguably, an excellent helpdesk is the centre of excellent customer care/support, which is the base for building a healthy relationship with your clients. support center is all about improving the method of interaction between a customer and the company. It presents businesses and organizations the medium of close relationship with their audience. The support center system makes use of automation and triggers to make the work of customer support very easy, especially for support agents.

Furthermore, the design permits all round self-service support for customers when the support agents are not available.

Why Support Center support center has a lot to offer to both customers and support agents in general. This medium increases engagement, reduces the cost of operation, and also builds a very close bond between you and your customers.

There are so many ways that support center proves very useful and they are as follows:

  • It improves and increases your efficiency, most especially for IT professionals.
  • Your brand reputation will triple the moment you utilize the potentials in
  • You will offer better customer support to your clients. This is the best way to increase sales and retain your present customers. Once your services are excellent, they will be back for more.


  1. Knowledge Base

The support center allows two layers of knowledge-base content. The customer might go for the topics or just the article, whichever one suits their needs.

  1. Community

Building a community around your customers and potential customer is right for business. This way you can make useful comments on questions and ideas.

  1. Search

Customers can quickly search for answers to questions they seek on your support portal. It is part of self-service and helps save time.

How to build a reliable and robust Support Center


The first thing you have to do is to define your goals. Make what you plan to achieve with your support center very clear. Do you want to build a relationship with your employees and customers, or just reduce the number of support tickets? Having done this, the strategy you chose to achieve the goal will be useful.


It is imperative that you take the measure of activities on your support portal from day 1. If you think what to keep track of, this list will help:

  • Community analytics stats.
  • Resolution times.
  • Percentage of issues resolved by the staff and those solved by the support portal.


Your customer support portal should be very responsive on all devices, the tablet, mobile phones and on a computer. Statistics show that gadget users are mostly on their mobile device, therefore making your support very user-friendly on mobile devices will be great.

Get Employees Involved

All hands should be on deck to make your company grow. They should be active participants in sales, support, and marketing.

User Experience

User experience should be considered when setting up your website. Excellent user interface helps keep visitors for long on your website, especially when the navigation is right.


Create awareness about your support portal, brainstorm various methods of marketing that will work for you. Social media adverts and Google AdWords will be a good start. with its fully customizable support center, knowledge base, online community and self-service customer support just makes it easy to deliver a better customer experience.

It's time to get your ideal support portal!

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