The Don’ts of Customer Self-Service on Desk Support Center

Posted on 24 Jan 08:00 pm


Every great fan of self-service would agree totally that this service no longer involves listening to automated messages, waiting in queues and dealing with most times non-helpful staff. A sufficient and up-to-date customer self-service like Desk support center is always less workload for the support team. This increases their productivity giving them time to tackle other things.

The important role customer self-service plays in business cannot be overemphasized, therefore it is very vital you avoid some expensive mistakes. They are listed and explained below:

Limiting access to information on support center

Customers often prefer an easier access and a quicker solution to their problems. Therefore, ensure that valuable information they need on your Desk support center is easily and readily accessible. Having to sign up before accessing particular information is way too much and might cause a delay in accessing the information.

Unbranded Desk support center

Branding plays a huge role on retaining your customers on your Desk support center. If you don’t brand your support portal, your visitors will think they have visited a new website. This will create distrust in your brand. It is wiser to brand your support center, integrate your brand's colors, messaging designs and any other elements that will help in identifying your brand.

Unarranged knowledge base

Any knowledge base that is not well arranged will not help anyone seeking for answers. Customers searching for answers to their questions need to be able to find them with ease on your Desk support center. This can only be achieved when articles and materials that make up your knowledge base are well arranged for easy access.

For better arrangement on your knowledge base select the proper categories and sections. Arrange articles logically and make sure all categories, sections and headlines are self-explanatory.

Absence of search tab

Even after you have arranged knowledge base articles on your support center, you still have another task to do. A search tab will enable your customers to search for a particular article that has the answers they seek, thereby saving their time.

Insufficient maintenance of your knowledge base

Nothing good comes easy, same as having a successful and useful knowledge base on your Desk support center. It takes time, hard work and consistency to build an ideal one. If care is not taken to update the information on a weekly basis, your knowledge base will be outdated. This is one of the costly mistakes business owners make.

Ensure you update your articles, including screenshots and pictures, keep improving your design, categories, SEO, and user interface.

It’s difficult for customers to leave feedback

Customers will run away from your support center the moment they realize it is difficult to share their views about your services.  Making it hard for customers to leave reviews/feedbacks will kill your self-service support portal faster than you can imagine. To avoid this make writing reviews very easy. Don’t forget feedbacks from customers will help you serve them better.

Having no other options for support available

It’s important that customers don’t feel like you’re unreachable or that they can’t be heard. Offer them any form of support they will need like phone or social media.

Having listed and explained the don’ts of customer self-service on Desk support center, it is better you stay clear of them to make your customer self-support remain valuable to your customers.

It's time to get your ideal support portal!

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