Top Five Support Center Apps for Your Business

Posted on 30 Nov 06:00 pm

desk-com-support-center-apps support center provides a wide range of applications on different platforms. In this article we will talk about the most beneficial apps to enhance your business.

Integrate Salesforce for better and easier cooperation support center strives to make the life of your teams easier and the communication a lot smoother and clearer. Salesforce App is one of the best apps for communication and it works perfectly well with Furthermore, depending on the needs of your business, there are two options available. Bi-directional data sync between Salesforce and support center is also possible via DeskConnect.

Install Slack for real-time communication in your teams

Slack is one of the best messaging services for business. It’s a perfect solution for handling all kinds of cases, exchanging, grouping by relevant channels or chatting privately. Slack records chat history, documents, decisions and they are available from any device. It is an excellent and efficient tool for real-time cooperation, whereas the installation process and integration to support center is quite simple.

Use MailChimp to create impeccable emails

MailChimp is famous for designing impressive email newsletters, sharing them in social media platforms, integrating with other services that you use already and assessing the results. You can even add your contacts to mailing lists in MailChimp in order to keep your customers up-to-date at all times. This app can very well be called your personal publishing platform.

Apply Inbenta’s search technologies

Together with Inbenta, your customer support will provide immediate interaction by eliminating any unwanted wait times. Inbenta is also popular for its search technologies that allow users find exactly what they are looking for and at the right times. It becomes possible owing to the smart integration with your Knowledge Base that adds great value to the self-service possibilities. Moreover, Inbenta can improve user’s experience of your Knowledge Base via regular individual suggestions and support to the customers. As a result, your support center will become a very powerful and smart machine.

Connect 100+ best SaaS Apps with Zapier

If you’re willing to avoid all manual import/export, copy/paste type of work along with messy and complicated scripts, you should consider Zapier. It allows you to work on all your services in one place. You can create either new customers from other systems or transfer the existing ones into your CRM to keep everything at sight and have better control.

It's time to get your ideal support portal!

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