Vital Points to Note before Setting Up Your Community on Desk Support Center

Posted on 23 Dec 11:00 am


The purpose of setting up any community is to get the members engaged with the right discussion about the particular topic. The same applies to setting up a community forum on Desk support center, in which your purpose should be to fully engage your target audience. Getting your community well engaged does not come easy; there are certain things you need to consider. The community forum is always there to help you grow the members of your community.

Come up with an interesting and particular community topic

Clarity of vision makes the whole thing very easy. If you intend running your community on Desk support center, make sure it is what you are passionate about. Share topics that are very useful to your community and quite different from those discussed among other communities. Stay unique and consistent in your community.

Create discussions yourself

It would be wise to create discussions yourself. Depending on the type of community and your audience, you need to initiate approximately 4-10 discussions. Examples of subjects include general discussions, technical issues, news, and product feedback.

Promote it

It is one thing to have a community and another to get people to know your community exists. Of what use is your forum if you don’t have members making maximum use of it? Therefore, it is vital that you promote it. How about starting with your close friends and family members and telling them to spread the word? Talk to people about the launching of the Desk support center and its usefulness. Another great way of getting people to know about your community is to use the link in your profile on other forums you join.

There are other great ways of promoting your community like Facebook adverts, Google AdWords, Instagram ads, etc.

Choose active and vibrant moderators

The reason for choosing moderators in your community is to make the forum active and lively. The moderators you choose for each discussion will start new discussions and topics as well as regulate the activities of members. Often members of communities post inappropriate and abusive contents; it is the job of moderators to remove such contents.

Guard the integrity of your community

You and your team of moderators should put together well laid down rules that will guide your community. If there are no rules, members will abuse the platform on a daily basis. Members breaking the rules should be handled according to your instructions for that scenario.

Make the right connections

Reach out to communities that have the same target audience and the same goal as yours, this will help increase your members.

Strengthen your relationship with users

A close relationship with your users will gain you their loyalty and love. They need to know you care and cherish their presence on your forum; if they don’t, you will lose them to other communities. Keep them busy at all times with giveaways, games, contests, and activities.

Make use of integration

If you are using Desk support center for customer service and tracking tickets, take advantage of the integration that allows you to have tickets created in when a new question or another activity is detected in your community.

Be strict and just

As an administrator, you will meet all kinds of people in your community on Desk support center, the good, the bad and the ugly. Be willing to take quick action when members of your community seem to be misusing the opportunity.

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