What’s Hidden behind a Professional Look of Desk Support Center

Posted on 17 Nov 10:03 pm


The very first thing you encounter when you begin to work with Desk support center is a solid, reliable website architecture. It creates a strong foundation for positive results. Functionality is just one side of the coin which is certainly important, however the professional vibe that your support pages portray creates a long-lasting impression about the whole website. You should also think of a support center as an opportunity to turn your new customers to your side. Hence, creating a good impression is an absolute must. It can make either increase the level of trust and loyalty or frustrate the users.

We came up with some helpful advice on how to make your support portal look more professional.

User-oriented Desk.com customization

Defining what the customer’s needs are will help in setting the objectives related to Desk.com customization. It will also help choosing Desk portal themes, layout, and page elements along with the structure of Desk.com support center in accordance with your buyer’s persona characteristics. For instance, a younger generation will appreciate multimedia approaches and mobile version of the website, while B2B customers would rather prefer seeing less flashy animation and more text.

Responsive design matters

Since mobile responsive designs are an absolute necessity for the online businesses, Desk Themes HQ makes sure that all Desk portal themes are perfectly compatible with Retina displays. Even if mobile users are not the major part of your target audience, your Desk support center will probably look not completely professional and finished without a mobile version. Furthermore, considering the growing number of tablets and smartphones owned by many people, you never know what device will be used even by your regular customers and this not speaking of the millions of potential ones. What’s even more critical is that some of your functions may not work on tablets or smartphones if not optimized correctly. And this point goes beyond just “looking professional,” rather it is based on the aspect of quality.

Resourceful and relevant content

Fill your Desk support center with quality, resourceful and valuable content that is relevant to the actual needs and questions of your customers. You should also make sure that all elements on the page are formatted professionally and the text is simply impeccable in terms of grammar and spelling. That includes not only the article content, major titles and headers but everything including callout text, video and photo captions.

Corporate Design

Use Desk portal themes that let you portray your corporate colors throughout all pages. The best themes allow modifications of colors, fonts and layout. Do not forget that support pages are equally important pages of your website and should never be left aside as if they belong to third-party companies. In fact, it’s not just floppy, but can even leave an impression of a fraud website. Therefore branding the pages along with the brand-related elements of headers and footers will form the right impression and build customer trust. 

Multilingual Support

You never know what language your prospect customer will speak or prefer to use on your help pages. Therefore, you should be fully prepared to welcome people from all over the globe. Desk.com support center will allow you to help customers in the language they understand.

Robust Community

And the last, but not the least feature is a friendly community that you can build around your Desk.com self-service portal. Some people prefer finding answers on their own by asking the more experienced guys. By the same token, engaging conversations, topics and comments will keep the users longer on your Desk support center and thereby form a feeling of loyalty to your brand.


Owing to a smart combination of Desk.com’s architecture with creatively designed Desk portal themes and templates, Desk Themes HQ developed a possibility to build highly professional, quality and branded Desk support centers. Contact us today to find more details.

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