Why It's Crucial To Brand Your Desk.com Support Center

Posted on 30 Oct 06:45 pm


Branding your Desk.com support center shows that you offer an incredible customer service. Think of your support as a refugee camp where your customers seeking for help receive the help they want. Your Desk support center is basically that place your clients visit to find answers to their pondering questions. When they are in distress, they can easily visit your support portal. Therefore it is your responsibility to create an accessible knowledge base that is user-friendly.

What Is Desk Branding?

The default Desk template on your support portal serves as the basis for branding. The theme has an excellent design where you can build your own company’s brand from.

Your company logo is placed at a conspicuous place, the top of the page. The main elements that constitute your Desk.com support center are the colors used for branding, fonts, and icons that represent your brand, the search bar and above all, your favicon. These things mentioned above enable your brand stand out from the crowd, giving you reputation amongst your customers.

Disadvantages of Unbranded Desk.com Support Centers

When you don’t brand your Desk.com support center, there are so many issues your company will be faced with. Most especially, when your Desk template is widely used by your competitors, your customers will lack confidence about your support center. Since they don’t have that trust for your brand, each time they visit they leave immediately; this increases the bounce rate of your page. The engagement will also decrease once the confidence is not there; your customers will think you have no useful information on your page. One significant change you will notice is an increase in phone calls since your customers will like to hear from you directly.

Adweek discovered 81% of shoppers perform online research before making any purchase decisions. Thus, your Desk.com support center should contain beneficial information about your products or the services you render. The first impression matters a lot, and the Desk theme on the support center is what gives your customers their first idea about your business.

Using a default Desk template that has little or no information concerning your brand is not professional, and you will lose customers and leads when you don’t brand.

In Desk Branding, Every Detail Is Important, from Logos to Icons

Desk branding entails good designs and style, without these two a support center will be tedious to use. To spice up the whole interface of your Desk.com support center apply these tips:


One logo for one brand. What this infers is that it is very wise to use a uniform logo on both your website and your Desk.com support center. This shows an authenticity that the support portal belongs to your company.


Make the best choice of colors to use on your Desk.com support center.The colors you select must not be dull but bright to your users. Something that your audience will like.


Fonts that are legible and easy to recognize will be great.


Choose icons that suit your products and services.

Advantages of Desk Branding

When you brand your Desk.com support center you stand to gain a lot from it. There will be an increase in engagements because your Desk template looks very professional and easy to use. The logos and specific icons that reprsent your company, help create the image of your brand in your customers’ head whenever they visit your support portal. Therefore, Desk branding is very important in your business.

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